Site Packages

Our WordPress sites are hosted locally to ensure rapid loading. We can set you up, add components and content, help you with copy, take photos, and edit code to save you headaches. We can also teach you to update your site, write blogs and add images.

Site packages ($350) include:

  • A single page site with contact form, photos, content and social links (contact us to discuss additional pages)
  • An SEO component so you can customise your site's appearance on Google
  • Firewall: protection from hackers and bots
  • Caching: ensure fast page loading
  • SSL certificate and installation
  • 1 year of Aus hosting with 1GB of SSD storage
  • Icons and graphics - we can adapt your designs or create fresh content
  • Google My Business setup
  • 1 hour training to help you manage your site
  • 50% off Site Maintenance for first year

Additional Services:

  • SEO - optimise your site for organic traffic
  • FB/Instagram ads and Google Adwords
  • URL registration, business name and intellectual property
  • Customer Reference Management (eg. Salesforce)
  • Content Delivery - speed up your site globally
  • Custom module design

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