Hosting and Site Maintenance

Website Maintenance:

Websites are complex ecosystems. At the core, there is the Content Management System such as WordPress, and themes and other plugins such as firewalls, caching, Woocommerce or others are layered over the top.

CMS's receive regular feature and security updates and to keep up, themes and other components need regular updating to ensure they stay compatible.

To become familiar with each component and how it interaction with the others takes time, so to save you headaches and ensure your site stays online, searchable and protected, EA Digital offers a monthly health check and component update service.


$30 per month includes monthly site health checks, visual inspections and updates (paid annually)

Hosting Packages:

EA Digital is a hosting reseller, and our host is Sydney based and secure. Sites are hosted on SSD drives so they're speedy and have fast upload and download times.

Up to 1GB: $80/year

Up to 5GB: $150/year

More: Contact us.


Content Delivery Networks:

If your site is accessed by a global audience, you may want to consider using a Content Delivery Network such as Cloudflare. Advantages include:

  • Minimised load times
  • Ability to handle large numbers of visitors
  • Protection from DDOS attacks
  • Near constant uptime

We can help you set this up and advise you of the advantages of using this service.

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